The heart of our work has always been to promote the life-saving practice of washing hands with soap. But through the years of learning from the community, it became clear that access to clean, safe water was fundamental to the success of our work. They must work together. 

As we develop more safe water sources in the community, we are bringing our support directly to the most vulnerable families by scheduling deliveries of fresh water and locally-made soap to their homes. Through these home deliveries, The Wash Project Ambassadors work with every family they visit to share important information about COVID-19 and other diseases which can be contracted through poor hand washing practices. Ambassadors lead demonstrations of best-practice hand washing techniques as part of every delivery. 

Through these home visits, Ambassadors are also able to check in with families to learn about the greatest challenges facing them. This helps us to make updates to our program to meet the expressed needs of the communities we serve. 

"I am very grateful for the delivery of liquid soap. We can use it to wash our hands to protect ourselves from diseases, but we can also clean our house, wash our clothes, and the clothes of our children. This soap is meeting a great need for my family." 

~ Djeneba

"We really wish to have this soap all the time because it’s really useful. After washing our hands, we can use it to clean our house, clothes and our utensils. I am really happy to have this liquid soap - thank you. God bless you." ~Kaya

"I am really happy for you delivering me this liquid soap. It is really important. Not only can we wash our hands, we can clean our house, toilet, and clothes because it smells good. " ~Kone


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