Since our beginning, we have learned that clean water coupled with hand washing with soap affects nearly every aspect of daily life in this part of the world. 

It has strong and direct impact on the financial, physical and emotional well-being of a family, but it also can have an impact on the hard-working health care providers in the area. Understaffed and under-equipped to serve vast needs of the community, we have committed to directing some of our resources to support the local hospital and several community health clinics with reusable masks, PPE and locally made soap. 

In early 2020, we were able to make a gift of some critically-needed medical equipment to the Ouelessebougou Hospital, including a suction machine, which aides in child birth and an oxygen machine. These are standard in most hospitals around the world. 

"At the moment, we do not receive any help from the government.  We practice washing very regularly and I encourage you to continue teaching the community hand washing and mask-wearing to fight against coronavirus." ~Thomas (Nurse)

"To begin, I'd like to express my gratitude to those who donated to provide our hospital with a suction machine and oxygen machine, both of which were critically needed.  These machines have truly helped us, not to mention the other PPE which has kept our staff protected and safe during this time.  I'd like to express my thanks to The Wash Project for making this possible." Dr. Sanogo (Head of Oulessebougou Hospital)


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