As The Wash Project grew, so did the community's need for soap. In 2012, we asked a group of local women if they would like to learn a new trade and form a women's soap-making cooperative. Though many had never worked outside of their homes before, they began this entrepreneurial venture with courage and dedication.  Now, years later, they now produce 1000 liters of soap each week which we distribute to our participating schools and local health clinics. Volunteers from our Wash Club also make weekly deliveries of soap and clean water to families in the community who are most in need.

In addition to providing a life-saving resource for the community, the women's soap-making co-op has also provided many of these women financial independence for the first time ever.  Their soap was also a crucial part of equipping the community of Oulessebougou for the arrival of COVID-19 in 2020.

"I have been making soap for The Wash Project for 8 years. The soap-making is helping me to support my children. I can send my children to school and buy clothing and shoes for them. I can also buy the clothes that I like for my own use.  I want to continue working for The Wash Project for years." ~ Fatoumata

"Soap making is very important to me. We use our income to buy clothes for our family and to pay for the education of our children. Soap making is a way to support the community and helps to prevent many diseases.." ~Bougouri


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