Since the beginning, we've been fortunate to have the guidance and support of many local young people who help us make community-driven decisions and take leadership roles in many of our various programs. 

The Wash Club volunteers serve many purposes, but perhaps most important of all, they are able to help us understand the current needs of the community, and offer suggestions of how we can serve in a more specific way. Additionally, this hard-working group of volunteers are responsible for helping us produce our largest events of the year, namely the sports tournaments for boys and girls, and our annual community-wide celebration of Global Handwashing Day every October 15th. 

"I’ve chosen to be an active member of this club because I have been impressed by the diversity of activities that we do to help the community. It’s very important, because these activities help our community to develop. I particularly appreciate our service of delivering soap and clean water. Through the changes that this club brings to the community, like our hand washing trainings, you can really see that we are leading the fight against coronavirus in our community." -Jonathan

"My favorite thing about this project is our service to the women and children of Ouelessebougou. This project is doing so many things here. From the delivery of liquid soap to hand washing trainings, we are noticing that children truly understand what we are teaching them. And they are practicing it. We are spreading good hygiene throughout the community. 


I appreciate being a part of the wash club because of the many activities we do. From the construction of the new bridge, to installing clean water sources and supporting women farmers in neighboring villages, we help to create important changes in our community." -Sebou

"I’m a member of the wash club. I decided to become a member of the wash club because I like the idea of helping my community.  I especially appreciate the work we do with ladies to bring them income through gardening and improve the hygiene of everyone." -Kadiatou


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