urgent: covid-19 support

COVID-19 is spreading quickly on the continent of Africa.


We're doubling our efforts to spread critical information and supplies to those in the community who need it most. Our team of Wash Project Ambassadors visit every neighborhood in Ouelessebougou to help us deliver soap, clean water and protective masks for free to the most vulnerable. 

We will continue this work until we have ​made it past COVID-19 together. 


special project: bridge to a garden

The woman in the picture above is named Lala. She's a member of a women's gardening cooperative in Ouelessebougou. Behind her is a dry river bed, but during the rainy season from July to November, it fills with water, sometimes to depths of six feet. This makes it nearly impossible to cross, and those who try often lose their vegetables in the crossing.

The majority of the small plot farmers here are women, and they depend greatly on the $1-$2 per day they earn from their crops to support themselves and their families. 

To provide these women with a safe and dignified place to work, we've started a special project to provide a bridge to their garden plot, so they can safely cross, and protect their vegetables on their way to market. 



Washing hands with soap is one of the most powerful life saving measures on earth.

Since 2011, we've grown into an entrepreneurial development initiative for local women, helped young people develop leadership skills, and are now working on the front lines of the Covid-19 battle in Ouelessebougou.



The Wash Project is led by the community members themselves.

We partner with the community in Ouelessebougou, Mali to create programs that reflect their needs and dreams. It takes the expertise and commitment of many people to make The Wash Project work. 

Here are the people that keep this life-saving work moving forward: 


As The Wash Project grew, so did our need for soap. We asked a group of local women if they'd like to learn a trade and entrepreneurial skills. Though many had never worked outside of the home before, they began it with courage, and their work continues today.  



In the weeks preceding the first confirmed cases of COVID-19, we expected a huge shortage in Personal Protective Equipment. This talented collective of young women pivoted immediately, and we're proud to support their business as they make thousands of masks for our project to give to the most vulnerable people in the community at no cost.  


With the success of the Wash Cup for boys, we sought a similar opportunity for local girls.

The Coupe du DCAP, named after their school district, is the first organized sporting event created especially for girls in Ouelessebougou.

Many girls have shared with us that they feel proud to share their talents with the community. 


To spread the word, we began the Wash Cup, a soccer tournament that is made up of boys from each of the Wash Project's participating schools. At each match, the message of washing hands with soap is reinforced.

The Wash Cup now draws thousands of spectators each year. 



As we've grown, The Wash Project has relied on the initiative of young people and students to reinforce the message of washing hands with soap in their own families. The young people who volunteer to be ambassadors work side by side with the community, learning leadership skills along the way. 





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Coordinator & Co-Founder

A Ouelessebougou native, Tieblecoro Samaké has been the heart and soul of our work since the beginning. He has dedicated countless hours to serving the community, and working in collaboration to create programs that bring health, livelihood and connection.

His willingness to bring innovative ideas continues to make history in the community where he grew up and still lives. 



While on a trip to Mali as part of a medical mission, Barclay was introduced to the community in Ouelessebougou, as well as its remarkable capacity. After learning about the devastating rates of infant mortality and the impact that hand washing could have on the lives of the community, Barclay began this work with Tieblecoro in 2011.

The Wash Project now serves over 8,000 children. 


join the community

With COVID-19 presenting an unprecedented challenge worldwide, now is the time to support each other. 

As always, 100% of your donations will go to support the most urgent needs as we help prepare the community of Ouelessebougou for COVID-19.

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