Since the beginning, The Wash Project has been focused on supporting the health of an entire community through the life-saving power of hand washing with soap. As we grew, we learned that the needs of the community were diverse, but interconnected. In order to have clean hands, clean water was also essential. 

With physical health as its foundation, we also support the social health of the community through events and sports tournaments, as well as doing home visits to share information and learn about the challenges facing the most vulnerable families in the community. An interconnected neighborhood is a healthier one. 

With greater social cohesion comes the opportunity to create new levels of economic health. Our hallmark project supports the dreams of hundreds of local women to maintain their own gardens, which increases their access to healthy food and improves their income as well. 

Roughly 70% of the people of Mali are engaged in agriculture in various forms. Our commitment to environmental health is also essential to support the flourishing of all life in the area. In addition to supporting organic gardening practices, we are also partnering with the community to invest in tree-planting campaigns with a focus on native species to help repair the soil health.

Our approach is simple: we learn from the community first. Then, we work cooperatively to remove the obstacles that are preventing them from realizing the physical, social, economic and environmental health needed in order to thrive.

The Wash Project is a community-led initiative in Mali focused on improving public health through hand-washing and access to clean water, developing economic opportunities for women, and strengthening food security for the most vulnerable members of the community.

The Wash Project is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization.




A Ouelessebougou native, Tieblecoro has dedicated countless hours to serving the community, and working in collaboration to create programs that bring health, livelihood and connection.  His commitment to serving the most vulnerable members of the community is a defining characteristic of his leadership. Under his guidance, The Wash Project continues to make history in the community where he grew up and still lives with his wife and daughter.



A Kansas City native, Barclay was introduced to Tieblecoro and the community of Ouelessebougou on a medical mission trip back in 2010. His love for travel and years working in international development have introduced him to the challenges and potential of some of the world's most vulnerable people, and continue to inform his work to this day. Barclay currently resides in Barcelona, Spain with his wife.